Michael Gordon's Van Gogh

GNE closes its season with Michael Gordon’s incredible opera Van Gogh, composed from the texts of letters between the artist and his brother Theo. Gordon says of the source material, “What attracted me so much to Van Gogh’s writing was the pain, rawness and brutal honesty. I found it hard to believe that anyone could tell another person, even his brother, the raw emotions that Van Gogh experienced — so painful, lonely and humiliating.” Through Gordon’s compositional voice, those shared words become even more powerfully dramatic and hauntingly beautiful, a masterwork not to be missed.

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…the kind of focused, intelligent performances a composer dreams of.

The Washington Post

…a virtuosic outfit that — in a must-hear series at the Atlas Performing Arts Center over the past year — has showcased more than a dozen rising young American composers and revealed some spectacular talent.

The Washington Post

the performers are a joy to watch; the young ensemble is focused and clearly enjoying themselves.

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…adventurous, imaginative and fiercely committed

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