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Health chiefs are hoping that the Designed to Smile programme, which was launched in 2009 with the view of educating young children about oral health and tackling decay in small children, will help to build on successes in the future. Statistics show that decay is very common in children aged 5 and under in Wales and dentists are hoping that the scheme will encourage parents and children to take better care of the teeth and gums.

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Should Scotland vote “Yes”, I’d suggest to Alex Salmond that he doesn’t turn up to the next meeting. The other participants might well discover a way of relating to each other by turning on a new enemy, one that wrecked a Union that suited everyone else.

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“If people in Scotland want the substantial powers to protect our public services, create jobs, make sure we don’t end up with Tory governments we don’t vote for, then the only way to guarantee that is to vote yes”, said Scottish Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon.

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"From the very beginning our founders have aspired to create a company founded by Chinese people but that belongs to the world," said executive chairman Jack Ma in the regulatory filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

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But scepticism over this part of the plan is growing too,and Kicillof told lawmakers on Tuesday the government was opento suggestions from bondholders about where to make payments ifinvestors were unhappy with its proposal.

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I’ve often thought that it was unfair that at the end of a play, an opera or a concert the audience gets to thank the musicians, singers and conductors by applauding. But in museums and galleries the architects, designers, lighting engineers, curators and directors who may have worked for years on projects of this complexity don’t receive so much as a mention in the press. So step and take a little bow John J. O’Connell (architect), Sutton Vane (lighting consultants), Lucy Davis (curator), Dame Rosalind Savill (former director), Christoph Vogtherr (director) and everyone else involved in this magnificent achievement. From now on anyone who visits the Great Gallery has you to thank for the experience.

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Sales for the 11 weeks to mid-August rose 6.8% for Whitbread hotels, eateries and coffee shops which have been open at least a year. Costa coffee shop sales rose 7.3%, which helped compensate for sluggish restaurant growth.

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The agency said it will make its ratings decision after further discussions with management and with the firm's state shareholder, to assess whether any measures will be made to limit net debt increases.

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Moscovici, an advocate of Keynsian demand-led economics,will be under the supervision of two Commission vice-presidents,Jyrki Katainen and Valdis Dombrovskis, the former prime ministerof Finland and Latvia, both of whom back strict fiscaldiscipline.

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VHI remains the biggest insurer in the country, with just over half of all consumers purchasing plans from it. Laya Healthcare is the second biggest insurer, with almost one in four consumers opting for it.

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The players were taking responsibility as well. Safety Bacarri Rambo and Helu were among those accepting blame for egregious blunders: Rambo for his latest bad tackling attempt on the 76-yard touchdown, and Helu for allowing the blocked punt.

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"All eyes and all ears will be on Chairman Wheeler as he concretely addresses where we're going next on the critical auctions ... and also where the government is making advances in the broader spectrum issues," said Jonathan Spalter, chair of Mobile Future, a coalition with a focus on industry spectrum needs.

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Electrolux, which sells under brands such as Frigidaire,AEG and Zanussi as well as its own name, is the world'ssecond-largest home appliance maker after Whirlpool, but has itsstrongest market position in Europe.

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