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More than $109 million has been pledged so far in connection with Stand Up To Cancer (SU2C) fundraising telecasts in the U.S. and Canada on Sept. 5. The funds will be directed to collaborative research in both countries.

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Dating app Tinder and its parent company, IAC, have settled a sexual harassment and discrimination lawsuit by Whitney Wolfe, a co-founder and former executive with the company. "Whitney's lawsuit against Tinder has been resolved without admission of wrongdoing," John Mullan, a partner at Rudy Exelrod Zieff & Lowe LLP, the firm representing Wolfe, told NBC News.

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Secession is a sensitive subject for several other countriesthat have regions seeking to form their own states. Spain iswary that a vote for Scottish independence might encourageseparatists in its Catalonia region.

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Despite criticism from MSF, Mr Kanu insists that the measure "will minimise the spread of the virus", and he is urging people to stock up on food, telling them: "We did it during the war."

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In revisiting Hasanlu, Danti has taken a closer look at the three warriors. He said it seems likely they were climbing up a wooden staircase inside of a home when the building collapsed. The men fell through what was probably a waste-disposal chute and were buried by debris. Besides the gold bowl, there are other treasures scattered around their bodies, including textiles, fancy armored belts, metal vessels and delicately carved cylinder seals.

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No-one knows why these people went to such extraordinary lengths to create art-works often some way into the cave systems. (If palaeolithic families lived in caves at all, they settled in the cave entrances, so the art wasn’t interior dr.) Thus, as before, specialists summon up spiritual designs and quasi-religious purposes - though, as far as I can tell, with few fixed or accepted conclusions. At any event, I sincerely hope they’re wrong, and that stone age man - whose range of leisure activities must have been negligible - simply enjoyed drawing on walls, just as Sunday artists enjoy daubing by the Seine.

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As details emerge of a distressing case where a woman was refused an abortion under the new law, it has to be asked whether anything has really progressed since prior to the 'pro-life' amendment in 1983

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She said she was concerned that those suffering from mental health problems were losing out because more fashionable ideas were taking “attention and funding” that they do not warrant.

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In the earlier days of the uprising, rebels seized controlof part of Mariupol, occupying some buildings including a policestation. Some offices were badly damaged or burnt down. Sincethe rebels were driven out by Ukrainian forces, sentiment appears to have swung more in favour of the government.

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The key is not the agencies but the punishments and fines need to be ramped up so no one dare try to con the public. It is a huge bugbear of mine to see the US fine all and sundry and reap huge sums but we don't. The fines would pay for the agency and its staff and the same is true of financial services. Then we may get legal behaviour instead of cavalier,

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Emma Howitt, chief executive of Middlesbrough and Stockton Mind, said: "We won't be providing services in the traditional sense - we will be working alongside older people to give them the opportunity to organise their own networks providing friendship and mutual support."

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"Finally the flood water levels are receding. Now our teamswill be able to enter some of the villages that are totallysubmerged. Our boats are ready," R.K. Khan, a police official inthe region's summer capital, Srinagar, told Reuters.

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