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"I think structural reform is necessary in terms of labor market regulations, excessive regulations in some areas, of areas of economic activity that are too protected and which need to be opened up to competition.

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Nicknamed Bad News and Marvin the Magnificent, Barnes was a 6-foot-9 center who teamed with fellow stars Kevin Stacom and Ernie DiGregorio to lead Dave Gavitt’s Friars to a 28-4 record in 1972-73, ending with a loss to Memphis State in the NCAA semifinals.

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You win some and you lose some in Atlantic City. Scores, the $25 million strip club that opened in A.C.’s Trump Taj Mahal one year ago, is reporting a 40% increase in job applicants over the past two weeks. A club rep credits that, in part, to last week’s closure of casinos including the $2.5 billion Revel and the nearby Showboat. Nearly 5,000 people lost their jobs when those spots closed 24 hours apart. Applicants are looking for jobs on the poles, behind the bar and everywhere in between.

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The recent study examining the lives and labors of Communist party cadres in Shandong province is noteworthy not only because it shows that many Chinese officials have a tough time staying clean. It’s also a telling example of the tension within China’s political circles about the best way to wage war against corruption.

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After a few hours, they then sampled 60 to 100 surfaces that were capable of carrying infectious organisms, such as light switches, countertops, push buttons, coffee pot handles, faucet handles, phones and computer equipment.

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Dollar General also believes it has already offered far more divestitures than is necessary to secure regulatory approval, the people said. While it is willing to sell off up to 1,500 stores if required by the U.S. Federal Trade Commission, it still believes that the FTC will ask for far fewer to be divested, around 700, these people added.

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The deal made Electrolux “a major player that can take advantage of synergies”, David Jacobsson Cederberg, an analyst at Pareto Securities, said. The Swedish company forecast annual cost benefits of about $300 million.

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Well, I dont know if you would call it the “Liberal Attack”. Living beyond your means is something that has grown for many years in our country. Traditionalists, such as my parents, actually tend to live below their means, and are conservative when it comes to spending. This culture was handed to me, and I continue the tradition. Many of my Generation X peers, however, are in bad financial shape, largely due to continued entitlements from their own parents growing up. Also, the youth of today are so spoiled it makes me ill. Almost every one of them expect everything for doing nothing, and it blows my mind. This is part of the problem why our country is in bad financial shape. I know many people, for example, that lived high on the hog on a student loan. Sad to say, but this kind of thinking is not going to help.

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Eric Wilson, fashion news director for InStyle Magazine, said Apple also faces competition from luxury watch-makers likeRolex. Swatch has said it's exploring a watch with intelligentdigital features.

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If your contractor is dragging out a project and there's money left to pay,obviously, don't pay until the job is complete. Binkowski owed one contractor a balance, which he used as leverage "to get them to come back outand repair their sloppy work," he says.

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A spokeswoman for Connecticut Attorney General George Jepsen told Reuters that California, Connecticut and Illinois would lead the multistate effort. New York and Iowa said they would also participate.

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Even though whatever Apple devise is unveiled Tuesday likely won’t go on sale for weeks, a portable phone charger company is paying Campos and others to stay put until then to promote its product.

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Much of the 40 million of taxpayers' money spent on planning for the now abandoned children's hospital at the Mater site in Dublin may have been wasted, the latest financial statements of the National Paediatric Hospital Development Board have indicated.

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