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These riches are the result of a collaboration with four big partners — General Electric Aviation, Schlumberger, Procter & Gamble and technology company PTC — plus a substantial investment by the university.

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Carson and Rivers had a falling-out when she started her own late-night talk show in 1986 on the rival Fox network. Her show was canceled within a year due to low ratings. A few months later, her husband and manager, Edgar Rosenberg, committed suicide.

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Traders will be watching an appearance from Mark Carney before Parliament's Treasury Select Committee. The Bank of England governor will be addressing August's Quarterly Inflation Report at 14:45. "Commentary from Bank of England officials remains in focus in European trading hours," writes Ilya Spivak, currency strategist at DailyFX.

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His weeping mother insisted he was an innocent student and said her son's killers had phoned her demanding $2,000 to return the corpse without a head, which the caller claimed to have taken to Baghdad as a trophy.

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In bond news, Middle Eastern borrowers, Bahrain, Sharjah andEmirates NBD, were to price their deals later in the day whilePoland and Turkey were tapping the Swiss franc and yen marketrespectively.

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Khalilzad is now head of Khalilzad Associates, a Washington-based business consultancy. Benard, a novelist, is a researcher with the RAND Corporation and heads an advocacy group that supports cultural activism in areas marred by war.

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Polls indicate Scots have been irked by a perceived scare campaign by unionists while pro-independence Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond appeared stronger than Darling in a television debate on Aug 25. The next poll, a TNS opinion survey on Scotland is due to be published at 2301 GMT.

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Most of us are people are briefly disoriented when awakened suddenly from a deep sleep. However, people who suffer from sleep drunkenness, or confusional arousal, may be in a confused and disoriented state for up to half an hour or more.

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The Giants revamped their secondary in the offseason, but Stafford took advantage of a couple big breakdowns. In the third quarter, he found Golden Tate for a 44-yard gain on third-and-11, which led to a Detroit field goal.

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There was no immediate comment from Rice, 27, or Palmer, 26. They are now married. An aunt of the running back’s in New Rochelle said Rice is a “good guy” who “doesn’t go around hitting girls in the face.”

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Among Americans ages 65 to 74, 4 percent in 2010 carried federal student loan debt, up from 1 percent six years earlier, according to a Government Accountability Office report to be released Wednesday. For all seniors, the collective amount of student loan debt grew from about $2.8 billion in 2005 to about $18.2 billion last year.