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Only Egyptian companies and individuals may buy shares in the new development. The cost estimate is given as three billion euros. The state is offering an up to 12 percent return on investment. Foreign investment suffered as Egypt descended into violence and instability after its 2011 uprising.

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"Up until now there hadn't been a huge amount of research, but there was one paper in which the at-risk area was much smaller," he said in a telephone interview. "It didn't predict, for example, the area in Guinea where this current outbreak first started."

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The 59-year-old Basso told Confidenti@l that he made “dozens and dozens” of coats for Rivers, the last being a little burgundy swing coat he gave her just a year ago. Perhaps the most beloved was a faux-fur blanket that Basso tells us was brought to Rivers’ hospital room last week while she was in an induced coma.

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Storing crude has reemerged as a trading play due to asignificant shift in the oil market in the last few months. Asweak demand and strong supplies have weighed on prices fordelivery in the near future, contracts for later delivery haverisen to a premium.

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The draft rules that the FCC released earlier this year maintained the distinction between mobile and broadband. Those rules are out for public comment for another week before the draft process moves forward, and Wheeler said the commission has received a slew of calls from both companies and consumers to reconsider its approach.

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“The parents had been asleep in their room with the door closed, and their two children were in their beds in another room. From what the children told their parents, it seemed the man had come in and got into bed with their younger daughter. He hadn’t actually done anything to her. The girl said, 'Is that you, Daddy?’ And he said, 'Yes’. She knew it wasn’t her daddy, perhaps because he talked differently or was the wrong size or something. They’d got some other people staying in the villa, so she asked, 'Is that you, Uncle?’ and again he said, 'Yes’. But that was it.

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Brown won a three-way primary, easily beating former state Senator Jim Rubens, whose campaign had won the backing of a new Super-PAC aimed at reducing the role of money in U.S. politics, and former U.S. Senator Bob Smith.

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The Nordic country's incarceration rate is around 72 for each 100,000 people, about a tenth of the level in the United States, and its re-offending rate of around 20 percent is among the lowest in the world.

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“Diane basically said you have to be warm. You have to learn every name of the crew, down to the interns, because these are people who can make things harder if you aren’t kind,” says our source. “David is a wonderful guy, he’s just very serious and it can come off as cold and distant. He would come in, anchor and just do his job. Now he seems to have taken her advice and is being incredibly warm and friendly to everyone.”

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The New York Times, citing a senior administration official, reported that the president was willing to order airstrikes against the militants, also known as ISIS, inside Syrian territory. The Associated Press also reported that it was likely that Obama would order the expanded airstrikes, in apparent defiance of a warning from Syrian president Bashar al-Assad's government not to do so without their permission.

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"In the event of a surprise 'Yes' vote, the near-term consequences for the Scottish economy, and for the UK more broadly, could be severely negative," it wrote in a research note last week.

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“The data supports the potential superiority of SMT 19969 over vancomycin and metronidazole, which currently represent 95% of the C. difficile market. We note that SMT 19969 was recently awarded Qualified Infectious Disease Product (QIDP) status by the FDA, which will make the compound eligible for a number of regulatory incentives, including eligibility for Priority Review and Fast Track status, in addition to a five-year extension of market exclusivity,” it added.

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Containing the outbreak in Senegal, an internationaltransport and aid hub, is critical to halt its spread. Yet thestudent's case illustrates the difficulty of stopping thedisease in a region where community ties reach across bordersand government resources are stretched to breaking point.

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If he's successful, Brown would become only the third U.S. senator to serve multiple states. Waitman Willey served Virginia and then West Virginia when it became a state during the Civil War, and James Shields represented Illinois and Minnesota before being elected from Missouri in 1879.

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“They played well,” he said. “I think Larry Donnell had a great game and he made some big catches for us... I think it’s important to increase those guys’ confidence. I think it’s important to get those guys started, as well as getting everybody else involved as well.”

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He added that the Queen was right not to enter the debate, despite calls from some MPs for her to do so and Alex Salmond’s claim she would be proud to be monarch of a separate Scotland.

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Sam Hill, an economist with RBC Capital, said some of Carney's comments suggested a slight strengthening of the message that borrowing costs will start to rise before long, despite concerns about weakness in the euro zone, the main destination for British exports.

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