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The BOJ has stood pat since deploying an intense burst of monetary stimulus in April last year, when it pledged to double base money via aggressive asset purchases to achieve its 2 percent inflation target in roughly two years.

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With less than two weeks to go before the Sept. 18 vote, the poll put the "Yes" to independence campaign on 51 percent against "no" camp on 49 percent, excluding undecided voters, overturning a 22-point lead for the unionist campaign in just a month, the Sunday Times said.

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The French and Canadian researchers examined data from Quebec from a period of at least six years and identified 1,796 cases of Alzheimer's disease which where then individually matched with 7,184 healthy people matched for age, sex, and duration of follow-up.

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** Japan's Ajinomoto Co Inc said on Wednesday itwould buy unlisted U.S. frozen foods maker Windsor QualityHoldings for around $800 million as it seeks to expand in NorthAmerica to offset slowing growth at home.

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That interest stems from U.S. Department of Commerceapprovals that allowed producer Pioneer Natural Resources and pipeline and logistics company Enterprise ProductsPartners to export condensate, a very light form ofcrude oil, after it has been minimally processed in astabilizer.

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That said, workers in some industries have fared better. For those in a category that includes data processing and analytics, as well as broadcasting, film and publishing, hourly wages have surged 4.6 percent in the past year. And pay is up at least 3 percent for financial services workers and wholesalers.

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The group said on Wednesday the 0.4 percent like-for-likesales rise at the retail division for the 18 weeks to Sept. 7was due to tough comparatives from an excellent summer a yearago and the impact of England's disappointing World Cup display.

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Scientists said on Monday an analysis of well-preserved ancient peach pits traces the domestication of this sweet fruit back at least 7,500 years to China's lower Yangtze River Valley in the vicinity of Shanghai.

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The study, titled "An Economy Doing Half its Job", said American companies - particularly big ones - were showing some signs of recovering their competitive edge on the world stage since the financial crisis, but that workers would likely keep struggling to demand better pay and benefits.

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"It means that now they are off balance," he said, referring to Islamic extremist militants. "It's time to put them on pressure, to escalate. We have to go and take over Barawe before the militants sit down and make a plan."

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According to Dr Rob Hendry, medical director of the Medical Protection Society (MPS), which carried out the survey, stress and burnout can affect a doctor's concentration, judgement and productivity and this can lead to mistakes being made.

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"I didn't just move here. I've been here, working to make a difference for New Hampshire," she planned to tell supporters Tuesday night. "No matter where Scott Brown lives, he's going to put Scott Brown first. Not you. Not your family. Not New Hampshire."

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"Everybody knows here that if you have a gentlemen's bet or a small wager on any kind of sports contest, it makes you that much more...engaged in it," Silver said at a sports forum in New York. "That's where we're going to see it pay dividends."

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The company, which sells firewalls that prevent databreaches and block malware and viruses, said it expects profitof about 12 cents per share and revenue of $178 million-$182million for the first quarter ending October.

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The new iOS 8 software sees Apple upgrade its keyboard for the first time. It now offers context-sensitive predictive typing, which claims to pick up on how you write, and subsequently provide a list of words to make texting a lot faster.

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An employee sits next to a logo of Alibaba during a media tour organised by government officials at the company's headquarters on the outskirts of Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, June 20, 2012.

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