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Morgan Stanley, UBS and Bank of America led Tianhe's Hong Kong IPO in June, and Morgan Stanley'sprivate equity arm still holds an estimated $300 million stakein Tianhe. Shorters note that such investors have deep financialresources to buy up shares themselves to resist a short trendand defend the value of their investments.

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It was issued to him by his bank, one of Britain's five biggest, in 2000, when he was 77. Mr Arnold, who throughout had an income of less than 130 a week, had subsequently found it difficult to pay his card bills. In 2005 he agreed a repayment plan, returning 5 a week. But interest steadily accrued on the balance due each month. In 14 years he has stumped up 2,312 in charges and interest alone - and still owes money today.

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The issue hits particularly hard in Tennessee, which is one of the worst states in terms of painkiller abuse, with the second-highest prescription rate of opioid pain relievers in the country. More than 1,000 Tennesseans die each year from overdoses, the agency said.

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The deal is in line with Mikitani's plans to reduce Rakuten's reliance on the domestic market. Japan accounts for around 90 percent of revenues, but growth prospects are constrained by a shrinking population and weak consumer spending.

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None of this means marketers need to stop using Facebook or other, more open networks to reach their audiences, as people are still on those platforms, Gaffney said. What it may mean, though, is that people are less likely to share generically and may want to keep their sharing within the contexts of smaller, more close-knit relationships.

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The Talented Leaders initiative is run by the Future Leaders Trust on behalf of the Department of Education to “raise attainment and narrow the achievement gap between poorer pupils and their peers.”

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Most residents of Donetsk blame Kiev for the conflict, after months of heavy bombardment of the city by government forces, but some had harsh words also for the separatists and few expected the current ceasefire to last.

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Whirlpool has also been on the acquisition path, buying a 60percent stake in Italian firm Indesit, which hadrevenues of 2.7 billion euros ($3.49 billion) in 2013. It hasalso agreed to buy Hefei Rongshida Sanyo Electric Co which had 2013 revenues of around $850 million.

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This story confirms the old existentialist adage that the universe doesn’t give a damn about us. Why do good people get trampled by elephants? There is no reason; the universe is indifferent. Drugs.

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The last set of figures Alibaba released showed it had increased revenue by 52pc to $8.46bn, and nearly tripled its income to $3.77bn for the year ended March 2014. The shares, if valued at the upper end of $66, would be trading on about 40 times earnings and the company would be valued at 33 times its $4.9bn in equity on the balance sheet.

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The Queen has made no similar pronouncements during the referendum debate. Newspaper reports speculate that she is distressed at the prospect of break-up. But, constitutionally, there is nothing she can do to prevent it. For she can speak and act only on the advice of her United Kingdom ministers.

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But is that really true? Is there any example of greater centralisation that has brought public services closer to the people they serve? It is argued that within this slimmed-down network of super-forces, more autonomy will be given to the coppers on the front line to pursue burglars and muggers while the drugs barons and terror chiefs are tracked down by sleek and efficient specialist strategic units. So why is it, then, that after every reorganisation, the police appear to become ever more remote, and especially in the countryside? Over the years, police stations have closed down and relocated to a shiny new HQ in some far-off city. Once upon a time constables actually lived in the areas that they patrolled, often in a police house; but these have all been sold off.

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