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For second-born and subsequent children, right down to the youngest, there’s increasing psychological liberation in not being the Rookie Parenting Experiment that all first-borns inevitably are.

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One piece of good news is Nigeria says it has managed to contain the outbreak there with only one out of the 19 confirmed cases still being treated in isolation. Nigeria has reported seven deaths out of the 19 cases.

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Of course, the essence of deterrence is not just capability but credibility. Nato's military chief in Europe, Gen Sir Adrian Bradshaw, said the overhaul of the response forces would mean taking a fundamental look at "the mechanisms by which this force is generated, trained and projected".

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Those quarantined inside the house include a two-month-oldbaby, the young girl said. People under surveillance are beingtested morning and night for fever, Senegalese authorities say.It was not immediately clear if the WHO's two suspected caseswere among this group.

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PREPA selected Lisa Donahue from advisory firm AlixPartnersto lead a restructuring at the utility, which has over $9billion in total debt. Donahue was hired under a forbearanceagreement with lenders and other creditors.

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Quebec's class politics, which were always linked inextricably to its separatist politics, has also changed. An Anglophile business elite no longer dominates Montreal, Quebec's financial hub, as it did throughout Canadian history, and blue-collar Quebecers, who were often managed by English-speaking bosses, no longer feel like second-class citizens, as they did in the past.

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An Alabama Department of Public Safety spokesman told the Associated Press that Timothy Ray Jones Jr., 32, led police to the site where the bodies were found near the town of Camden. Authorities in South Carolina and Mississippi said that Jones has been charged with child neglect and additional charges are expected to be lodge in connection with the children's deaths.

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Hannah, a bestselling crime writer, admitted she “knew” she would fail to capture Christie’s distinctive style, instead creating her own protagonist to narrate the new story.

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He said the refusal to grant routine requests stalls investigations, including a recent one on FBI material witnesses, such that officials who are under review have sometimes retired or left the agencies before the report is complete.

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"If you're trying to hook in to the 15- to 35-year-olds - the generation that tweet their feelings and don't vote - you've got to be of [that] age and you've got to be credible," Harry's press secretary Jamie Lowther-Pinkerton tells Junor.

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Since being indicted last month, Perry has traveled to crucial presidential primary states to rally support for a possible campaign. After flaming out in a gaffe-prone 2012 presidential bid, Perry has ranked near the bottom in surveys of Republican voters among possible candidates in 2016.

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"I think today is a good day to tell you that, I love you," she had written. The model was shot dead in the early hours of Valentine's Day, 2013 - before they had opened each other's cards and gifts. Earlier, Mr Pistorius denied prosecution allegations that they had been arguing before the shooting. He said he had bought her a bracelet and they had been due to go the jewellers' to collect it that day.

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If RBS, say, decided to become a fully "Scottish" bank in an independent Scotland, its English savers who could in theory find themselves protected by a new Scottish compensation scheme. More likely is that RBS would keep its English customers in an English arm – in effect, NatWest – allowing them to remain protected by the existing compensation scheme (RBS and NatWest are in any case separately licensed).

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