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Rukwatitan bisepultus lived approximately 100 million years ago during the middle of the Cretaceous Period. Titanosaurian sauropods, the group that includes Rukwatitan, were herbivorous dinosaurs known for their iconic large body sizes, long necks and wide stance. Although not among the largest of titanosaurians, Rukwatitan is estimated to have a forelimb reaching 2 meters and may have weighed as much as several elephants.

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The report said workers falsified waitlists while their supervisors looked the other way or even directed it, resulting in chronic delays for veterans seeking care. The inspector general's office identified 40 patients who died while awaiting appointments in Phoenix, but the report said officials could not "conclusively assert that the absence of timely quality care caused the deaths of these veterans."

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“Wade went all the way down. The destruction and the smell was enough for me. I couldn’t do that. I stopped at the second check point,” said Collins, 65. “(Boggs) was really shook up by it. I remember one of the firemen telling us, they came around the corner that day, and there were bodies all over the street.”

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Calais town hall's plan to supply food and medicine at a day center further inland may alleviate short-term humanitarian needs but will not turn migrants away, said Philippe Wannesson, a volunteer who runs a blog 'Passeurs d'hospitalite' ("Traffickers in Hospitality").

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NISIG is suggesting more education is needed into this area as young people, both male and female, don't realise the risk and harm they are doing to themselves by contracting sexual transmitted diseases through unprotected sex.

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The raids came hours after national spy chief David Irvine warned Australia's terrorist threat level could be lifted from "medium" to "high" because of the growing danger posed by Islamic State group supporters.

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Republican lawmakers and some Democrats were angry with Obama and members of the administration for failing to notify them about the swap even as 80 to 90 members of the government knew of the exchange. The administration has offered a number of explanations for keeping Congress in the dark, including concern about Bergdahl's health and safety required speedy action and concern that lawmakers would divulge details of the deal and scuttle it.

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Following the attack Saturday on the naval dockyard, Taliban spokesman Shahidullah Shahid said in a telephone call to The Associated Press from an undisclosed location on Tuesday that some naval officials helped them carry out the attack.

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"I can't believe we can be denied the last chance to show respect and thank her. I also think if you watch her interviews and documentaries, this would hurt her feelings," he added. "Plus, how hard is it to hit a dimmer switch?"

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Macfarlane recently negotiated a 20m bank facility, replacing a previous 11m package, and Atkinson said: “The reason for the placing was to give us more firepower with the support of institutional shareholders”.

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While fictitious, the movie's namesake club has parallels with real-life counterparts such as Oxford's Bullingdon Club, which British media report counts British Prime Minister David Cameron, Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne, and the mayor of London as former members.

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Monte Neil Stewart, a private attorney representing Idaho Gov. Butch Otter, said legalizing same-sex marriage would be more harmful to Idaho children than the expansion of divorce that followed no-fault divorce laws. “We think the effects will be muchworse,” he told thecourt.

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The PMA, meanwhile, has focused less on the hardware andmore on the application programming interface that would allowothers to connect to it. Its main backers are companies likeProcter & Gamble and Starbucks Corp, whichpromises to roll out charging surfaces in its U.S. outlets bythe end of next year.

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“It is an exciting time in the development of SMT19669 with patients now being enrolled into a phase two proof of concept trial as we work towards establishing the potential of this highly selective antibiotic for the treatment of CDI.”

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"Ebola has become a global threat which requires urgent global efforts in solidarity with the affected countries," Dr. Margaret Chan, the WHO chief said last week. She emphasized at that same time that: "This outbreak can and will be controlled. We know what is needed and we know how to do it."

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"Following the delisting of Siemens ADS from the New YorkStock Exchange in mid-May 2014 and the SEC deregistration inAugust, the delisting from the Swiss and London Stock Exchangesis the logical next step," Chief Financial Officer Ralf Thomassaid in a statement.

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"I think the motivation to see something that's your idea come to life is pretty amazing," says 17-year-old Samantha Imafidon - a coder who has created an app called Vibe Music, which matches music to your mood.

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