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Swap rates, a gauge of expectations for changes inborrowing costs, declined earlier today as economists surveyedby the central bank cut their median forecast for 2014 grossdomestic product expansion for a 15th straight week, lowering itto 0.48 percent.

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B&Q owner Kingfisher says its chief executive Sir Ian Cheshire will be succeeded by Véronique Laury, chief executive of its French business Castorama. First half profit edged lower 6.5% to 375m.

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Officially the World Health Organization is saying the outbreak can be contained in six to nine months. But that is based on getting the resources to tackle the outbreak, which are currently stretched too thinly to contain Ebola as it stands.

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“Emotional outbursts at games are not a matter for the playoff selection committee to deal with,” Hancock said in a statement. “This does not affect Pat Haden’s capability as a committee member. We recognize that athletic directors cannot be dispassionate about their own teams, and that’s why we have the recusal policy.”

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In a world dominated by headlines that make us lose hope, nuns offer us some good news. In a world where videos of people dumping buckets of ice over their heads are a substitute for actually going out and doing good works, nuns are taking action to help the poorest of the poor.

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France will not get its budget deficit down to the EU limit of 3% of GDP until 2017, says finance minister Michel Sapin (pictured). That's two years later than it originally forecast. This year the deficit will be 4.4% of GDP he said. Feeble growth is part of the problem which Mr Sapin said would be just 0.4% this year.

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Alibaba executives and bankers started their day early, witha management presentation to about 300 salespeople for the sixbanks underwriting its offering. They gathered at CitigroupInc's offices on Greenwich street in Lower Manhattan foran hour, according to the source familiar with the meeting.

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Much of the humor comes late in the film, when the situation is most dire for the Tehran-born journalist who lives in London and has gone to Iran to cover the 2009 elections, leaving his pregnant wife at home.

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A report by non-profit China Labor Watch and Green America alleged that labourers were exposed to toxic chemicals, given inadequate training, and made to pay for drinking water in their living quarters.

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"It was really frustrating so, after missing the cut at Wyndham, it was kind of an end-all, be-all, absolute epiphany, a kind of sit down and beat myself up'," said Hoffmann, who has recorded two top-10s in 31 starts on the 2013-14 PGA Tour.

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“Every gear box needs tuning to that circuit to ensure the best handling of the car,” he says. “Having men on the ground means we can help the teams utilise the car to its best ability.”

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At last week’s meeting of the Historical Society for Twentieth-Century China in Taipei, roughly 200 historians from Asia, the United States and Europe gathered to share their latest research. But during lunch hours and coffee breaks, the one question that kept popping up wasn’t about any given paper or project. Instead it was: “How’s your archival access been lately?”

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Kelly Leach, a veteran executive from News Corp's WallStreet Journal will lead the merged company as chiefexecutive. She aims to double revenue in the next year byadvocating that Europe, Asian and Latin American publications gothe way of North American ones to erect paywalls.

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The NFL is not made up of a bunch of choir boys, that we know. There are some great people playing in this league who do incredible charity work and don’t keep their coach and GM up at night worrying about getting a phone call from the police. But it’s impossible to put together a roster without problem players and players with problems.

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