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And further impact seems inevitable. If official institutions manage $29 trillion, even a relatively conservative allocation in portfolios to equities of 10 percent could represent as much as $2.9 trillion in funds. That would be enough to move global markets given that the market cap of the MSCI All Country Index amounts to $38 trillion.

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Exports have increased by 35 percent so far this year withnet exports jumping by 44 percent. In tonnage terms, China hasshipped an extra 14.9 million tonnes so far this year, almostmatching output in Italy over the same period.

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At risk are photographs, home videos and music collections as well as scans of documents such as passports, tax forms and other sources of personal data. In some cases, back-up files are being made available that, if downloaded and restored, could let attackers take over a victim's online life.

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The British Red Cross agreed that it was a myth that migrants wanted to come to the UK for the benefits. Instead the charity said that most migrants wanted to make the move because they believed there is a better prospect of finding work in the UK.

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Chinese mobile carriers were hurt as the mainland was notamong the first batch of markets to launch Apple Inc's iPhone 6. China Mobile slid 2.6 percent, while ChinaUnicom and China Telecom each sank more than3 percent. (Reporting by Grace Li; Editing by Richard Borsuk)

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The study found a need to reduce sodium "across multiple foods, venues and eating occasions," the CDC researchers said. In particular, processed foods should have less sodium, the researchers said, citing efforts in Britain that reduced total sodium consumption by 15 percent over seven years.

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Two dozen shareholders represented by the association lastmonth filed a class-action suit against all Portugal Telecommanagement teams since 2001 over investments in Espirito Santogroup made since then, claiming it was illegal and demandingreimbursement for the lost value of their shares in PortugalTelecom.

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Dozens of protesters greeted Christie as he entered themeeting in the offices of the Casino Reinvestment DevelopmentAuthority (CRDA), an economic development agency that is fundedby a tax on casino revenue.

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The number of older Americans who had their Social Security benefits offset to pay student loan debt increased about fivefold, from 31,000 to 155,000, from 2002 to 2013. About a quarter of loans held by seniors ages 65 to 74 were in default. The government can use a variety of tools to recoup student loans, such as docking wages or taking tax refund dollars.

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Apple says their payment system is designed to be more secure than the one Home Depot uses, but it is also one more company with access to your financial data that’s not subject to government oversight.

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"We know that every day there are more people that need to be taken care of than we can include in our program. At the moment, there are insufficient beds," MSF emergency coordinator Laurence Sailly told a news conference on Tuesday.

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The New York state Senate Independent Democratic Conference, once thought to be in danger of falling apart, could go into the next legislative session more powerful than ever after its leader, Sen. Jeff Klein, handily defeated his Democratic primary opponent Oliver Koppell Tuesday night.

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Mitchell praised Penn State President Eric Barron for calling last week for "civility" in discussing the NCAA sanctions, and noted the hostility the university faced from alumni in trying to comply with the NCAA demands.

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Rosen is in contract to buy 75 percent of the shares in an architecturally significant 10-unit co-op building at 1025 Park Ave. from Mary Wilder, an ex-wife of legendary screen actor Gene Wilder, who inherited the shares from her late brother.

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