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No matter how hard coach Mike Krzyzewski tries - and he tries extremely hard - almost all of the chatter about his group of NBA players is focused on the seemingly inevitable championship game between the Americans and the host Spaniards on Sept. 14 in Madrid. Never mind that both teams need two more wins in the single-elimination round to even get to that point, or that teams like Brazil that are likewise-loaded with NBA talent are still alive.

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Rice caused “bodily injury to Janay Palmer, specifically by striking her with his hand, rendering her unconscious,” the summons said. “The complaint summons indicates that both (Rice) and Palmer struck each other with their hands. The responding officer signed a simple assault complaint against both Rice and Palmer.”

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The figures look different to YouGov’s weekend poll which sent a jolt through London and Scotland. It gave the secessionists a 51-49 lead but the direction of travel is clear and with only nine days to that could be decisive.

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Meanwhile, workers' desktop computers have outlasted theirlife spans, with many taking 10 minutes to start up, and containdifferent versions of software - effectively blocking workersfrom sharing documents and communicating. Niblock added that onher fourth day at work the personal information of emergencyworkers was hacked.

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Jaguar has been here before, of course, with the X-type. However, that model’s old-fashioned styling and Ford Mondeo-sourced mechanicals ensured it never sold in anything like the numbers Jaguar was hoping for.

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However, investment with political rather than financial motives is rare among sovereign funds, counters the OECD's Christiansen. And their business is the important one of managing money for future generations.

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“VAWA has provided hope, safety, and a new chance at life for women and children across our nation,” the proclamation said. “With advocates, law enforcement officers, and courageous women who have shared their stories joined in common purpose, our country has changed its culture; we have made clear to victims that they are not alone and reduced the incidence of domestic violence.”

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"Due to this reduction, some young women in Australia have been spared the distress of having genital warts and the health system spared the cost of having to treat them," the study concluded. "While this study did not find a significant decrease in genital warts among male patients attending general practice, it provides a baseline prior to the roll out of a similar scheme for boys."

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The two former presidents — one a Democrat, the other a Republican — shared laughs and a buddy-like banter on stage Monday, talking about presidential leadership while trading stories about their famous families and life after the White House.

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San Diego continued to surge as linebacker Jerry Attaochu forced a fumble when he sacked Palmer and Mathews scored on a 20-yard run three plays later to increase the advantage. Palmer guided the Cardinals to victory in the fourth, however, connecting with Taylor for a 5-yard TD 2 1/2 minutes into the quarter and hitting Brown for a 13-yard score late in the period to cap a 91-yard drive.

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Until now, Bollore's Bluecars were all built in Italy undera joint venture with its designer Pininfarina. Under the dealset to be unveiled later on Tuesday, production will begin inthe second half of 2015 at Renault's Dieppe factory in northwestFrance, a Renault spokesman said.

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The Murrays live just downstream from the beating heart of Constable country. Next door is Flatford Mill, once owned by Constable’s father. There too is Willy Lotts cottage, the low-slung thatched dwelling depicted in one of Constable’s paintings, and Bridge Cottage. All are now in the care of the National Trust, though part of it is leased to the Field Studies Council, which runs arts courses for all ages. Mike and Rose bought Gosnalls Farm seven years ago. “We were going for a walk one winter’s day and noticed it,” says Mike. “The house was uninhabitable but the garden amazed us. There was six acres of it running down to the river.” Tens of thousands of visitors come each year to see the places Constable painted and appreciate this Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty that inspired him. But the Murrays have it on their doorstep. “We can watch the weather coming in along the river. It is very dramatic,” says Mike. They renovated Gosnalls Farm and extended it, and bought a canoe so that the grandchildren could paddle off into the Constable landscapes. The locks of his day have vanished and the river traffic is now is purely leisure craft.

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