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Rousseff told reporters Lobao had "vehemently" denied theallegations. She asked Brazil's top prosecutor for details ofthe plea bargain testimony leaked to Veja to see if anygovernment officials are involved so she can take action.

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Those who did go on to develop heart failure tended to be older, male, with poorer education, a higher body mass index (BMI), a higher waist-to-hip ratio and a history of diabetes, heart attack, high cholesterol and high blood pressure.

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We'll see a much more traditional Labour message from Ed Miliband. He will argue that the victims of independence, as he will put it, will be the poor, will be the deprived, because he argues it was a UK Labour government that created the welfare state, created the National Health Service and will maintain them.

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In the new academic paper, Prof Kemp argues the 99 finds could be made by 2045, and also outlines an additional 58 which he says will be "uneconomic" by 2050 but could become viable as a result of technological improvements.

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"This is a very tough decision and I think that thereprobably frankly would be a lot of people who would want to pushit off for a lame-duck session," Representative Eliot Engel, thetop Democrat on the House Foreign Affairs Committee, toldReuters. He was referring to a session taking place after theelection but before a new congress is sworn in early next year.

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"The DOJ request for information did not seek the seizure of assets belonging to Ms. Benard or Ambassador Khalilzad, nor did the DOJ ask Austrian authorities to seize any of their accounts," the law firm said in a statement. "However, for reasons that remain unclear, an Austrian prosecutor ignored the plain language of the DOJ request and froze Ms. Benard's accounts solely on the basis of the DOJ's request for information."

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The executive said the venture with MC Aviation, which ownsand manages about 100 mostly-narrow body jets, will give CheungKong access to a pool of about 20 aircraft. It will help theHong Kong firm tap into the management expertise of Mitsubishi'sfully-owned Tokyo subsidiary, which was set up in 2008 with over20 years of experience in aircraft leasing.

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Nina Tassler, chairman of CBS entertainment, called Corden "a rare entertainment force who combines irresistible charm, warmth and originality with a diverse range of creative instincts and performance talent."

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The previous record gift to Harvard, announced earlier this year, was $150 million from hedge fund manager and alumnus Kenneth Griffin, most of it for financial aid. The largest cumulative donation to any U.S. university, unadjusted for inflation, is $1.1 billion over many years from former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, founder of Bloomberg LP, to his alma mater Johns Hopkins University, including its now-eponymous School of Public Health.

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"About time, huh?" his son, Max Brooks, joked while presenting his father to Monday's crowd, according to AFP. "Comedians never get their fair share of recognition in Hollywood. How often does a comedy get best movie of the year?"

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Similarly, Obama could not see a connection between ignoring his own red line in Syria and what would follow. The issue — the challenge — was not only to remove chemical weapons from Syria, but to make an American President’s word matter.

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Larry Solov, the Breitbart News Network's president and CEO, says that his company will cooperate with the audit, but that it will not deter them from "aggressive coverage of this president or his administration."

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The mean loss for trainees was lower than the average, at 18 minutes a day. “We can only speculate as to whether better computer skills, shorter (half-day) clinic assignments with proportionately less exposure to EMR time costs, or other factors account for the trainees’ smaller per-day time loss,” the study read.

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Rocket Internet is bidding to create the largest Internetempire outside the United States and China. It wants toreplicate the success of Amazon and Alibaba in marketsthe U.S. and Chinese e-commerce groups have yet to dominate,such as Africa, Latin America, Russia and other parts of Asia.

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According to Canadian researchers, one in five teenagers currently experience cyberbullying. They decided to look into this further by surveying over 20,000 teenagers, asking them about a range of issues such as cyberbullying, face-to-face bullying, anxiety, depression, substance use, self-harm and suicidal thoughts.

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