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A RECORD number of voters are on the electoral roll in the Lothians after 30,000 people signed up in the last three months
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The German model opted for a sporty ensemble with a grey hooded dress and a pair of Nike Air Revolution high tops as she was spotted in Miami
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As early as week 2 and sustained up to week 12, there was a highly statistically significant difference between the values for these2 endpoints in the infliximab versus the placebo group
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An abdominal ultrasound revealed a normal pancreas, but a computed tomography (CT) scan showed evidence of pancreatitis and a possible mass in the tail of the pancreas
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Because of what happened in Newtown last December, every American kid traipses through the country’s public, private and parochial schools fully aware that their safety is not guaranteed
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During the week nights, Knight spent her evenings teaching software design and spreadsheet software at NOVA, after she was hired there just this Fall
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It happens when very young white blood cells (blasts) in the bone marrow fail to mature
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When IgE binds allergens, those cells release cytokines that do lots of nasty things including making your eyes red and your nose run.
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She was again brought to the emergency department, where bladder catheterization yielded two liters of dark urine
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Correct diagnosis requires a physician to assess the patient’s medical history and do a physical exam
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