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Asian great-power diplomacy has stirred to life since the rise to power of Indian nationalist Narendra Modi, who announced his intent to play an active role on the world stage by inviting regional leaders to his inauguration in May.

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Macay Holdings, which currently holds distribution andbottling rights for RC Cola in the Philppines, has agreed to buyARC Holdings Inc, which has the trademark and related rights forRC Cola and Arcy's Rootbeer brands in the Philippines.

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Local TV stations broadcast footage of some abandoned cars nearly completely submerged. Authorities said several people were rescued from vehicles, and that the roof of a grocery store partially collapsed.

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Bent Flyberg, a professor at Oxford's Said Business School, says it is wrong to assume that if the UK is still using Victorian infrastructure today that proves it must have been a good investment.

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The Brooklyn-born comedian was put in a medically induced coma Aug. 28 and died at Mount Sinai Hospital Sept. 4 after she was removed from life-support. An autopsy performed by the medical examiner was inconclusive and more tests were being done to determine the cause of death.

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Earlier this month Australia said the focus would move to the south of the area, after analysis of a failed attempted satellite phone call from Malaysia Airlines to the plane found the aircraft may have turned south earlier than thought.

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"The fraud committed in the election process has caused a deadlock. I would continue to defend the right of the people and the votes that they cast and would never accept the fraud-marred election results," Abdullah said in a public meeting attended by hundreds of his supporters here.

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College Point: When parades are held in Manhattan — for St. Patrick’s Day, National Puerto Rican Day, Dominican Day, African-American Day, Columbus Day, Hispanic Day, Pulaski Day, etc. — there’s an absolute zero-tolerance policy when it comes to violations of the law, and these parades must end by 6 p.m. Why are these same restrictions and enforcement not applied to the West Indian Day Parade in Brooklyn?

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President Barack Obama and some European leaders have said that given their skepticism about the cease-fire, it was imperative to press forward with sanctions now. But they have said the penalties could be lifted if tensions between Ukraine and Russia ease.

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"Early last month there were announcements made from loudspeakers mounted on vehicles in these areas, offering 10,000 rupees ($100) per head to women who would join PAT's march," he said.

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There were times when Rice, 27, was better known as part of a nursery rhyme. His role in the Ravens’ offense was to provide burst up the middle, the bell cow in a ball control system, and fans recited, “Hey Diddle Diddle, Ray Rice Up the Middle.” He pushed forward with the same balance he developed at New Rochelle, running down the New Jersey Turnpike where his beaming smile and beeline sprints helped lift the program during his tenure under coach Greg Schiano. Rice rushed for 4,926 yards for the Scarlet Knights from 2005 to 2007. Of late, his highlights were included in a “Knights in the NFL” video at High Point Solutions Stadium at home contests, but the university says Rice will no longer be part of that tribute.

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Nicknamed Bad News and Marvin the Magnificent, Barnes was a 6-foot-9 center who teamed with fellow stars Kevin Stacom and Ernie DiGregorio to lead Dave Gavitt’s Friars to a 28-4 record in 1972-73, ending with a loss to Memphis State in the NCAA semifinals.

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