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Having said that, momentum is king in the final stretch of a campaign. Here’s YouGov’s Peter Kellner: “In the past four weeks support for the union has drained away at an astonishing rate. The Yes campaign has not just invaded No territory; it has launched a blitzkrieg.”

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But scientists believe those same dry conditions have driven more birds into populated areas in search of water, concentrating numbers of the virus' preferred host and the mosquitoes that feed on them closer to people.

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Attorneys for Wayne and Oakland counties told Rhodes theywere withdrawing objections to Detroit's debt adjustment plan,but a dispute over who signed the memorandum prohibited MacombCounty from following suit.

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Brian Kennedy had set a potentially useful process in motion. Months earlier, the Portuguese police had produced a poor drawing of the man the McCanns’ friend, Jane Tanner, had seen carrying a child near the holiday apartment in which the McCanns had been staying on the night Madeleine vanished. Now, in England, a British forensic sketch artist took on the job of extracting more and relevant information from Tanner. This fresh image got major media coverage – raising the possibility of new leads.

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Chinese mobile carriers were hurt as the mainland was notincluded in the first batch of markets to launch Apple Inc's iPhone 6. China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom each slid more than 2percent.

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"The program has proved to be a great success and of huge benefit to the sexual health of Australia, and has clearly proven to be very worthwhile," study author Christopher Harrison of the University of Sydney, said in a university news release.

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But while Saudi Arabia's official Wahhabi school of Sunni Islam attacks Islamists as heretical and "deviant", many of its most senior and popular clergy preach a doctrine that encourages intolerance against the very groups targeted by IS in Iraq.

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The greenback raced to a six-year high of 106.09 yen,while the euro slumped to a 14-month low of $1.2881.Investors were already giving the common currency a wide berthafter the European Central Bank surprised on Thursday with afresh round of stimulus.

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"The Chan family's transformational gift will help us empower current and new generations of talented and diverse students and faculty to address the complex health threats challenging the US and the world," said Frenk.

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The company is courting Panasonic Corp, another Japanese company and shareholder, to invest in the factory to supply cheaper batteries and help transform the maker of the US$71,000 (RM227,000) Model S sedan into more of a mass-market manufacturer.

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The submarine community had assumed that high-tech equipment known as “scrubbers” removed secondhand smoke when ships were under water. But research showed that nonsmokers’ urine levels of cotinine more than doubled when they were living on submarines, the authors write in Tobacco Control. Cotinine is a biomarker for tobacco exposure.

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