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** San Miguel Corp, the Philippines' mostdiversified conglomerate, has signed a $1 billion deal to sellits stake in Philippine Airlines back to the group from which itbought the stake more than two years ago, a person withknowledge of the matter said on Monday.

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Intel Corp, a member of A4WP along with the likesof Samsung Electronics and Qualcomm Inc,says wireless charging is a lot like wireless computing. Just asthe world has largely ditched network cables for wirelesshotspots, so we will leave chargers and cables at home as we'llnever be far from a charging pad.

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The city council of Donetsk, the largest rebel-held city, said there had been no casualties overnight, and no shelling or explosions were heard in the city. Later Monday, residents reported hearing sporadic explosions. In Luhansk, another rebel-held city hit hard by shelling, the city council reported no fighting for the third night in a row.

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A showdown between diminutive 24-year-old Japanese Kei Nishikori and giant, bearded Croat Marin Cilic was not what anyone was really expecting, whether it be fans, pundits or TV executives anxiously checking ratings charts.

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Shares in the euro zone's biggest bank Santander fell 2 percent, twice as much as the euro zone financials index and three times as much as the broader pan-Europeanbanking index after the sudden death of its 79-year oldchairman Emilio Botin.

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Fourteen of Liberia's 15 counties have reported confirmed cases, the WHO said on Monday. As soon as a new Ebola treatment center is opened, it immediately overflows with patients, "pointing to a large but previously invisible case load".

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In 2008, the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith — a Vatican watchdog group with roots dating to the church’s medieval Inquisition, and which was reaffirmed by John Paul II — began quietly investigating the conference, concerned about the tone of its assemblies, how leaders handled dissent from church doctrine and strains of “radical feminism.”

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When it comes to sleek red carpet style, Amy Willerton was pretty much the cream of the crop at last night's TV Choice Awards. Donning Balmain's enchanting black wrap dress and a pair of barely there sandals, the model and TV star oozed glamorous vibes (regardless of the wardrobe malfunction).

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You can drive around much of Anglesey in a little more than an hour. I settled at Traerddur Bay, whose beach pushes the bounds of the rustic. It’s hard land here, made all the more brutal by that “coasteering” business.

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In the context of Hodgson's reign, this must rank alongside his most important wins. Anything less than a convincing result and performance here would have seen the World Cup failings revisited, so this was vital on a personal as well as professional level for the 67-year-old England manager.

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"BAE Systems has more than 50 years of experience designingand fielding the nation's most advanced electronic technologiesfor aircraft, with a vast array of electronics supporting allaspects of military aircraft missions," said BAE spokesman BrianRoehrkasse.

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Some analysts have described Russia's seizure of the Crimea and its alleged incursions into eastern Ukraine as a new kind of warfare - "hybrid" or "ambiguous" warfare. This is the use of conventional military build-ups and activities like subversion, agitation, political demonstration, along with a newer element - cyber attacks.

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A 2013 report by the Missouri attorney general's office found that Ferguson police stopped and arrested black drivers nearly twice as often as white motorists, but were less likely to find contraband among the black drivers.

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"Henceforth, Michael's rehabilitation will take place at his home. Considering the severe injuries he suffered, progress has been made in the past weeks and months," Ms Kehm said in a statement on Tuesday.

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The action represented a complete reversal for the team, even though an Atlantic City police summons stated that Rice caused "bodily injury to Janay Palmer, specifically by striking her with his hand, rendering her unconscious."

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