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Nobel Laureate in economics and former World Bank chief Joseph Stiglitz speaks to the media after his lecture ''The Price of Inequality'' at the Center for The New Economy Annual Conference at a hotel in San Juan, February 21, 2014.

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The World Health Organization, however, said one of its doctors who has been working in an Ebola treatment center in Sierra Leone has tested positive for the disease. It said the doctor was in stable condition Monday in Freetown and will be evacuated. The State Department said the doctor was from the U.S.

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But money is tight and new equipment is needed, not least because of the ravages of war in Iraq and then Afghanistan. Britain is one of the few Nato countries that does spend 2% of its GDP on defence, but respected UK think-tank Rusi has raised questions about whether Britain will be able to continue doing so.

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In the options market, Apple options volume rose to a record daily volume of 2.97 million contracts traded, according to Henry Schwartz, president of options analytics firm Trade Alert. Contract volume was about three times normal and calls led puts by a ratio of 2.1:1, according to Trade Alert data.

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A senior aide to Poroshenko said on Sunday Kiev had agreed in Wales on the provision of weapons and military advisers from five NATO states, but four of the five swiftly denied any such deal had been reached.

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"This acquisition is consistent with our long-term strategyof acquiring promising, early-stage gold projects where we canadd value through focused exploration and mine building", saidSean Boyd, president and chief executive officer of Agnico.

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"That night I had to do two jobs; I had to be the boxer and referee, so I had to do two jobs. But Tony Weeks, he's a future Hall of Fame referee and he does an extraordinary job in the sport of boxing, and so does Kenny Bayless."

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The federal government is also looking for the CRTC to force distributors to offer smaller packages of channels, saying Canadian viewers should not be compelled to pay for channels they don't watch in order to get the channels they do want.

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To be sure, the situations facing Target and Home Depot are not exactly the same. While Target knew it was dealing with data theft, Home Depot has held on to the possibility that no breach has occurred.

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Sterling was nailed to 10-month lows after a second opinionpoll found a marked increase in support for Scottishindependence just 10 days before the country votes on whether tobreak away from the United Kingdom.

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“The nationwide roll-out is part of the Government’s complete overhaul of the UK’s energy infrastructure which will revolutionise the market and support the development of smarter electricity grids. It will help reduce consumer bills, enable faster, easier switching and give households control at the touch of a button.”

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"You could be looking at spending $1,000 for a watch and a smartphone," he said. "I am sure that there are plenty of Apple fans who will pay that, but I have trouble seeing it as widely adopted as the iPhone."

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